Coconut Creamer Saved My Coffee Habit

Coconut Creamer Saved My Coffee Habit

Can’t drink milk? Tired of almond “milk’s” chalky taste in your coffee? Need a solution fast before you start adding cream again? Breastfeeding a baby with a casein allergy? Do you have allergies to milk or lactose? And did you know soy protein mimics cows milk?

I had to change my diet because I was breastfeeding my baby who had blood in her stool from a casein allergy. Goodbye dairy cows, cheese, and yummy desserts. Most of all, goodbye lattes and flat whites.

I spent money on alternative choices at coffee shops to only ruin my once desired latte. I could not finish an almond milk latte unless I added lots of sugar (which is very unhealthy) to cover the chalky flavor.

Soy was not an alternative as it mimics milk protein and the body can’t recognize it as a plant protein.

I found something that saved my cravings and fixed my latte.“Silk’s Coconut Creamer” saved my coffee addiction.

  • It can steam and foam like regular milk
  • It can be used in my cooking instead of milk
  • It has a very light coconut flavor that can barely be recognized
  • It’s affordable

I can now go back to cows milk since my daughter turned one and now her body is able to break down the casein -I have her on “goat’s milk” to ease her into it, as its a smaller protein to break down. But after living on “Silks coconut creamer” I can’t go back, it tastes so much better, and I feel better after.

Image and photography by Caroline Chojnacki