Practical Ways to Add Green to Your Home with Style

Practical Ways to Add Green to Your Home with Style

Adding colors and accents to your home or office can be challenging and risky. Let’s look at ways we can add color to your interior or exterior space.

Harmonious Green

Is your home or office a blank canvas? Are you hovering to whites, greys or blacks? Adding color can be intimidating, let’s start with a universal color like green. Green is inviting; it brings us closer to nature, and its color meaning promotes harmony.

Green ranges in various shades moving from yellow and blue tones.

How to add green to your dining room or office

Office space with green accents

You can add green accents or paint a specific object to make your space pop.  If your room, office or space is lacking color, adding a plant to the corner and a piece of artwork can invite your guests to enjoy the area and feel more welcome.

Living room or patio

Any comfortable living area such as a living room or patio can pop with style with essential accents. Add a pillow with green accents such as botanically inspired fabrics, or a green throw. These simple splashes of color can make the room inviting.

Accenting your home with green

Adding other colors can be tricky, how much color should you add? You want to avoid a Christmas theme so turn your bright cherry red, to a magenta pink. Choose what color you want to highlight since green is our theme, colors like a red and yellow compliment.

Red Hues


Yellow Hues

Some suggestions for adding to your green-themed design is using small objects such as a gold or bronze vase, a throw, pillows, or dishes. Look for patterns like floral, or fruit or art with a yellow sunset.

Home exterior eye catchers

Your outdoor home can be mundane by painting color on your window frames, or just painting the door you can create a modern appeal.

Green accents on a door work well on a white house, be wise with your choice, if your exterior wall is mainly yellow, leave your door and window frame as is. It’s important to know when to add color.

Be color smart. A white house gives you an open range of any shade of green. If your home is grey or blue, green will get lost, and it would be too much. Usually red or purple will look best in this situation.

Room Themes

Pick your theme to be either modern, eclectic, boho and tie the green elements and accents to your choosing. Your style will depend on your likes and don’t worry about the patterns; the color will be the very element that will pull you.

So go ahead and try it, start small by buying a green dish, or go big and buy a green table or couch. However, you will introduce color in your home, boldly or slowly. You are on your way to a green-inspired dream house.

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