Quick and Easy Baby Toddler Recipes

Quick and Easy Baby Toddler Recipes

Easy Recipes For Baby Vegans and Carnivores

Feeding a baby can be exhausting, especially if you want to find healthy recipes, that are flexible, and enjoyable for mommy to eat as well.

When do I find the time to cook, after I pick my baby up from work, and I can’t fathom always eating take out.

Do you ever wish you could just always be bright and find various recipes that work every time and your toddler will eat it without a fuss?

I’m sharing my go-to recipes when I just need to throw a pot of rice on the burner, and frozen ready veggies. To use healthy ingredients that taste good and cover a multitude of nutrients.

Print these images, share on Pinterest, cook, feed a baby and eat. 

Vegan Baby and Regular Baby Rice Pudding

I never made rice pudding before, and I always purchased Kozy Shack’s snack packs. But as I looked at how simple it seemed, rice and dairy I thought this should be affordable and easy to make for my baby.

I modified the recipes that I found online to be able to use vegan products because at the time my baby had a CMP allergy. (Cows-Milk-Protein) She thankfully grew out of this sensitivity, and I can now use dairy. But I figured I would share how easy it is to substitute ingredients and still have a tasty treat.

Homemade Rice Pudding for Vegans and Carnivores

My Baby Vege Rice Pilaf or Add Meat Baby

I’m always trying to find clever ways to sneak in green vegetables. I found over time when I gave my toddler broccoli, zucchini chunks she would just take a bite and throw it on the floor. Alternatively, I discovered if I just mixed the vegetables in with rice or pasta she would be able to grab her favorite carb with a piece of green stuck to it, and she would not notice.

So, I created the broccoli & zucchini rice pilaf. I use simple ingredients, adding cheese and/or ground meat to flavor the meal. We are not vegetarians but I like taking a break from meat, and I alternatively add peas for protein. This recipe is easy to make changes to and add substitutions.

Broccoli and Zucchini Rice Pilaf for Vegans and Carnivores

Add a comment below, let me know how it went, if you added a variation to the recipe and if you liked it.