I’m a virtuous instructor, I help motivate, guide and build knowledge in anyone who has a desire to learn and to be taught. I have been teaching and instructing youth and adults for 8+ years. I have taught in many environments, and settings. I have had the opportunity to progress in many creative professions and be able to teach, inspire, motivate and build up my students in a positive way.

Highlights of my achievements: 

 “Starting over on a train wreck” – in WordWorks magazine, articles published in Medium with AMI, Our Third Space blog, and copywriter and Caroline Creative Writer on WordPress. I design, create art and take original photos that I display on my blogs. I’ve written and released a poetic album called “Love Story” by Lovely Caro. I have donated three of my canvases to the “Union Gospel Mission” in Vancouver BC. In 2001 I won the Queen Elizabeth Secondary Best Scriptwriting and Directing award. I have ten years of on-screen acting experience in commercials and films. Five years painting and designing sets for theatre and one year with IATSE. I have a background in art history and teaching English as a second language. I take inspiration from live theatre and visual arts in museums; I have a passion for helping others for five years as a tenant support worker I housed impoverished individuals and encouraged them to regain their dignity. I’m originally from White Rock, BC. I lived in Toronto Ontario, France, and Poland.

Caroline Chojnacki Photography by MR - Melissa RebronjaBIOGRAPHY

Caroline Chojnacki (pronounced hoy-nat-ski)  “Chojna” meaning Generous. She was born in 1983 Toronto, Ontario. In 1992 she moved to Vancouver B.C., where she studied privately in arts, creative writing, music, theatre, and film. She received the Best Directing and Scriptwriting Award in 2001 from Queen Elizabeth Secondary. She carries over 8+ years as a teaching instructor, from motivational, art, and ESL. Her various teaching styles and skills are adapted and refined in every lesson.

Chojnacki attended LFA, where she had two chosen works displayed at the end of the year gallery. 2001 – 2004 She showed her works at her open house and local cafes. Gained her the opportunity to sell and create commissioned work. In 2004 she traveled to Australia. In the spring of Vancouver 2009, she exhibited Vulnerable and Raw. 

In the summer and the fall of 2009, she went to Paris, France and taught privately. She later found solitude inspiration at Fourwinds. An art residency located in Arles, the south of France. She had the opportunity to observe and befriend sculptor, Ursula Hanes and sketch artist, Donni Buffalo Dog. In the fall near Massy, in a private art studio, a renovated garage she begins her new works of inspiration “Delicate Art of Flying.”

Her style of works are highly expressive; they vary based on mood. She paints at the moment with an idea all fired up in her mind. She splashes the paint and allows the colors to move her.

Her images are inspired by visions and or dreams. Expressions of obtained knowledge and truth. Composed of emotionally charged gestures, from moody blues to subdued tones that soften the canvas and enjoys working on Raw Canvas. The texture of raw canvas ads to the energetic flow and elusive color. She loves seeing the canvas drink up the paint, like a desert awaiting its oasis.

In 2014 she finished a series called Extinction and Existentialism showcased her work at Beaumont Studios in Vancouver. Her emotions are not only expressed on canvas but also musically and on stage. In 2015, she decided to study more flash, and tattoo styled art apprenticing with Akira Taguchi.

During her changes in art, she recorded her poetic verses and composed music that she was playing live on various stages in Vancouver, recorded her first album with Kaj at BlueLight Studios, her album LoveStory released in 2015. Lovely Caro was her band name, and she toured across Canada via CNN rail as a chosen artist.

From 2016 Caroline’s love for writing prompted her to get her TESOL, TEFL, and TEYL to teach English around the world. She teaches various age groups, adapts and rewrites her material to the appropriate level of her student’s needs. She is very creative in drawing students into her lessons, she values a fun, comfortable, and friendly environment. 

On her spare time, she works on her writing. A published author, who has released her articles and poems on Medium and blogs.

One of her short stories “Starting Over On a Train Wreck”   is published in WordWorks magazine.

Currently, her passion for 2019 to develop and create an encouraged path of positive education. To help inspire and teach ESL online, in-person and in classroom settings.